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Proudly serving businesses in the Triad of North Carolina for 15 years, we offer comprehensive bookkeeping, payroll, staffing, and training services.  Although we serve over a dozen industries, one thing all of our clients have in common is the peace of mind that comes with knowing they can focus on what they do best while we handle the books and coordinate critical reporting & tax filings—essentially, putting their accounting on auto-drive. From full-service payroll to setting up the books and preparing sales tax filings.  We have the knowledge, resources, and experience to get and keep your financial reporting on track!

Courses Offered


Quickbooks Bootcamp

QuickBooks Bootcamp with Bookkeeping Basics

Quickbooks has become essential technology for business. In this course, learn the basics of bookkeeping and how to use Quickbooks’ most popular features to help run your business smoothly.

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Adulting 101

Personal Finance & Budgeting

Remember wishing that high school taught you more about how to manage your personal finances? Well, this is not high school, but we can teach you all the things you wish you learned! In this course, explore topics such as: Important Documents & File Keeping, Personal Banking, Setting Up A Budget, and Financial Positions.

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About the Instructor

Laramie is the owner and operator of Associates Accounting. Laramie holds over 15 years of experience in financial accounting. She has successfully helped businesses streamline their accounting and decided to share her skills with the public through offering accounting courses. Being a QuickBooks ProAdvisor & Training Specialist, she knows all the tips and tricks to help other users understand the basics of bookkeeping and QuickBooks tools. Her vision with the Personal Finance course is to teach people the basics of personal financial fitness.  Without the proper education, individuals enter adulthood with little to no understanding of savings, budgeting, and investing.  Laramie teaches people the skills they need to get ahead with what they have!

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